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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Discover Thai secret beauty traditions with this powerful purifying facial treatment. It helps to regulate and balance the condition of the skin, whilst helping to repair damage. In addition, alight relaxing facial massage with facial massage cream issued to sooth the skin and to eliminate stress

60 minutes  £65.00

Commencing with a total body exfoliation with one of our scrubs, a choice of energising, anti-aging green tea, nourishing, relaxing and skin soothing scrubs, followed by a back, neck and shoulder massage that is specially designed to calm and balance your mind and body leaving you completely relaxed and your skin beautifully smooth & silky.
60 minutes  £75.00


90 minutesThe heated herbal ball is used to complement massages by calming the nerves and redirecting the energy vital for health. The herbal ball contains a rich mix of Thai herbs wrapped tightly in muslin and then infused in steam before applying soothing strokes to massage the body. This treatment is particularly suited for relieving muscle aches and pain and stimulating circulation and refreshing the skin.
90 minutes £85.00
This massage is designed for those whose time is limited. It is designed to pay attention to the areas that are most likely to cause you tension.
30 minutes £33.00
This is a must for those who seek a total relaxation. Your choice of our exclusive blends of pure essential oils is incorporated with a full body massage designed to calm the nerves, detoxify the body and rejuvenate the mind and the spirit.
60 minutes £65.00
A dynamic treatment on your feet, linking the reflex zone on the feet to organs and system, that involves hand stretching and massage to open the energy line, combined with a special nourishing cream and wooden stick to reflex points to promote general health and well-being.
60 minutes £65.00
A specialised firming full body massage using deep tissue massage techniques concentrating on specific problem areas. Sport massage increases circulation and soothes sore muscles leaving you refreshed and relaxed. Highly recommended for athletes or anyone with serious muscle tension.
60 minutes £65.00


Carried out by our trained therapists, this massage will ensure that mom-to-be experiences the best pampering treatment designed specially for you to relieve the main issues of discomfort during pregnancy such as easing tired muscles, joint pain, stress & tension, assisting circulation and reducing water retention
60 minutes £65.00

A perfect treatment for those who like to relax under water and would rather be left on their own to unwind. With 40 powerful therapeutic jets working under water, it is a highly effective natural treatment as it is believed to aid circulation, relax tension in the tissues, alleviate pain and calm the nervous system. Some guests like the therapy on its own but for others they prefer  it after an intensive massage
30 minutes £25.00